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Series Regulations

Welcome to the Endurance Series hosted by the NTESERIES. The 2022 NTESERIES Endurance Series will run as a stand-alone series to our premiere annual NTESERIES Championship. The 2022 NTESERIES Endurance Series is a true battle of endurance and determination. Featuring a three round series each with a 2.5hr single driver race.


Please ensure you read and understand the following series regulations prior to submitting an entry for the series. Organisers reserve the right to amend and alter these regulations as required. Should they be amended, notification will be provided to all entrants via Discord.

Below are useful links for this series:​

If you have any questions on the below, please contact series organisers via

1.0 Cars
  1. The series will run the ZB Holden Commodore and Ford Mustang Supercar.

  2. The series will run a fixed setup for all rounds. The official setups will be published in the Series Discord.

  3. The Mercedes AMG GT3 will be used as the official Safety Car. Should you join a session in this car, you will be disqualified

2.0 iRacing League
  1. All drivers will need to join the NTESERIES League on iRacing. Click here to join the League or search NTESERIES under leagues on iRacing. 

  2. Please note, you may still need to submit a league request even if you have participated in an earlier NTESERIES event. 

3.0 Series Sponsors / Liveries
  1. All drivers will be required to run a fixed window banner. The banner is available in the Series Discord.

  2. There is a strict policy for running the window banner. Any car that enters an official session without the required banner will receive a 25 second post-race penalty. 

  3. If you intend to run business logos on your livery, please ensure you have permission to run these. 

  4. Please observe the further rules in relation to liveries contained in section ’19.0 Custom Paint Policy’.

  5. We ask that no inappropriate or offensive logos, graphics or words are used.

  6. The Broadcast team will be using Trading Paints for the live stream. Please ensure you have your correct livery loaded before you join the session. 

4.0 Broadcast
  1. The Live Stream broadcast for the Endurance Series will be hosted by SimSpeedTV.

  2. The Broadcast will be streamed via the NTESERIES Website and Facebook as well as on SimSpeedTV’s YouTube.  

  3. The broadcast will feature the final hour of each of race. 

5.0 Weather
  1. Weather will be set to Dynamic and will be decided by iRacing on the day. 

6.0 Damage and Incidents
  1. Damage will be set to ON for the series. 

  2. Drivers will be permitted two (2) fast repair per race. 

  3. The Incident Count will be set to 30 per race. Once this has been exceeded, you will receive a drive through penalty.

7.0 Race Control
  1. The series will run a full manual Race Control team.

  2. Abuse towards Race Control or any other member of the series will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Unacceptable behaviour may result in removal from the race and/or series. 

  3. The decision of Race Control is FINAL. There is to be no in race or post-race arguments with the Race Control team regarding any decisions made, the decision made is final. 

  4. A full summary of Race Control decisions will be made available after the race on the NTESERIES website.

  5. Race Control communication will be via iRacing Text Chat only. Please ensure you have the text chat enabled. 

  6. An incident must be reported within (2) laps or the incident may not be reviewed by Race Control.

  7. When reporting incidents to Race Control, please remain calm and report your Race Number and the Lap the incident occurred. Do not vent frustration or anger over the iRacing and/or Discord voice or chat channels.

8.0 Wave Arounds
  1. Wave arounds will be permitted for cars at least 1 lap down. Wave arounds will occur on the last lap of the safety car period and eligible cars will be instructed by Race Control. Only cars advised by Race Control and when told to do so, will be permitted to pass the Safety Car. 


9.0 Flags
  1. All flags issued by iRacing must be served. Under no circumstances will iRacing flags be cleared by Race Control.


10.0 Penalties
  1. Race Control have full power to issue ‘in-race’ and ‘post-race’ penalties. 

  2. These penalties could include drive through penalties, stop and hold penalties and post-race penalties.

  3. Any driver that causes a dangerous incident (including, but not limited to, unsafe track re-entry, making contact or colliding with another car) may be warned or penalised.

  4. If you lose control of the car and are off track, you must be on the brakes until your car comes to a complete stop. If you are not on the brakes and make contact with another car, you may be penalised. 

  5. Race Control will judge Net Code incidents on a case-by-case basis. If it is apparent that contact was going to be made regardless of Net Code, a penalty may be issued. 

  6. If contact is made between cars, drivers may redress the position however, if the incident is considered to impact a drivers race significantly (ie. more than five positions), Race Control may issue a penalty. 

  7. If you are given a Drive Through by Race Control, you must drive straight through the pit lane without stopping and without speeding. If a car is to stop during their pit lane drive through, the black flag will not be cleared. 


11.0 Safety Car
  1. The Safety Car will be ‘SAFETY CAR’ on your relative. 

  2. The Safety Car will be the Mercedes AMG GT3. 

  3. There will be one competition caution called at approximately the 1.5hr mark of the race.

  4. When a Safety Car is called it will be communicated via the iRacing Voice and Text Chat. 

  5. Once a Safety Car is called, all cars must maintain race pace until they reach the back of the Safety Car train. 

  6. The Safety Car will pick up the leader of the race. Once all cars are in the safety car train, the safety car will leave the field on that lap. 

  7. Pit Lane will remain OPEN under the Safety Car, unless instructed otherwise by Race Control. 

  8. No passing is to occur once the Safety Car has been called. Passing of any cars under the Safety Car, may result in a penalty. 

  9. Please do not pass the Safety car unless instructed to do so via chat or voice instruction. 

  10. Race Control will advise the field that racing will resume at the end of the current lap, the Safety Car will accelerate from the field and all cars must maintain a single file procession, nose to tail with no weaving or overlapping permitted. 

  11. The Race Leader must then maintain control of the field and maintain a constant speed (approx. 80kmph). 

  12. When drivers hear “Safety Car in Pit Lane”, the leader is then in control on when they wish to restart the race. This can be anytime between hearing the message and the start/finish line on the track. 

  13. Race Control will ride on board with the leader and when the leader restarts the race by accelerating above the maintained speed, Race Control will announce ‘Green Green Green’ over the iRacing Voice channel. 

  14. When Race Control announces the race as “Green”, racing and passing can resume (regardless of where you are on the track).

  15. Should a car spin or go off track during the Safety Car session, they will only be permitted to re-join in the order in which they re-join the track. Cars will not be permitted to move back through the field to regain their position prior to spinning or going off track. 


12.0 No Escape (ESC) Rule
  1. As this is an endurance series, the no escape rule will be in place.

  2. Under no circumstances will a car be allowed to escape without permission of Race Control.

  3. If you are involved in an incident and are unable to make it back to pit lane under your own steam, you are required to request a tow from Race Control via the in-game voice chat. 

  4. Race Control will then determine when to grant you permission to tow. 


13.0 Round Information
  1. Round 1 - Phillip Island – Saturday, 12 November 2022

  2. Round 2 - Sandown – Saturday, 26 November 2022

  3. Round 3 - Bathurst – Saturday, 10 December 2022 

14.0 Event Times

The following times are in NT time and will be on the Saturday for each round:

  • Open Practice           2pm - 3pm

  • Lone Qualifying        3pm - 3:30pm (4 laps only)

  • Race                          3:30pm - 6:00pm

15.0 Championship Points
  1. The below points will be awarded for each race. Results will be published via the NTESERIES Website

  2.  1st = 25, 2nd = 18, 3rd = 15, 4th = 12, 5th = 10, 6th = 8. 7th = 6, 8th = 4, 9th, = 2, 10th = 1.

  3. Positions 11 and beyond will receive 0 points. 


16.0 Discord and Communications
  1. You can use the NTESERIES Discord for unofficial general chat or series help. Poor behaviour towards anyone in the Discord will result in instant muting from the server. 

  2. All voice chat in the Discord may be set to “Push to Talk” for Official Sessions only. 


17.0 Driver Conduct and Behaviour
  1. Poor behaviour and driver etiquette will not be tolerated under any circumstances and at the discretion of organisers and Race Control, poor behaviour may result in penalties and/or removal from the race or series. 

  2. Please be respectful to all drivers. We have varying skill levels and experience within the series so all drivers need to exercise patience and good sportsmanship towards drivers. 

  3. Impatient drivers who cause accidents with lapped or slower cars will be penalised. It is on the faster or lead car to make the pass safely. It is encouraged to make passing opportunities on straight sections of the track. For slower or lapped cars, roll out of the throttle on the straight sections to let the faster or lead cars past. 

  4. Number one rule, remember to be patient. Drivers are encouraged to have a ‘Pass Left’ and a ‘Pass Right’ button set to assist with safer passing. 

  5. If you are being lapped, please remain on the racing line, this makes you predictable for the cars coming through and will minimise the chance of an incident. If the lead or faster car decides to make a move in a corner, please be mindful that they will be on your inside and allow sufficient room. 

  6. Faster or lead cars, the risk is on you. If you wish to make a move under brakes or through a corner, any accidents caused from making a risky or impatient move may result in penalties. 


18.0 Driver Conduct and Behaviour
  1. It is recommended and encouraged to share and promote the NTESERIES on your social media networks. The greater our audience the better we can make the series. 

  2. Abuse or poor behaviour towards NTESERIES members will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the series. Any negative comments towards the series or series sponsors published on social media platforms (including Discord channels), may result in removal from the series. 

  3. If you have any issues regarding the series, other drivers or have seen unsportsmanlike behaviour, please contact series organisers. 


19.0 Custom Paint Policy
  1. Please ensure your custom paint complies with the iRacing Custom Paint Policy. A copy can be found here, 



20.0 Telemetry
  1. Organisers reserve the right to request your telemetry at any time for any round of the series. Please ensure this turned on in your iRacing settings and can be provided if requested. Paint Policy


21.0 Entries
  1. Entries will be capped at 40 Entries (excluding wildcards and guests).

  2. Entries are to be submitted via the NTESERIES entry form, you can access this at here 

  3. Entry to the series is $25 with payment via the NTESERIES PayPal. Details are also included in the entry form.

  4. For an entry to be complete and accepted, you must have submitted an entry form and have made payment of the entry fee. 

  5. Your acceptance to the series will be confirmed via email.

  6. Organisers reserve the right to accept and refuse entries.


22.0 Prize Money
  1. The winner of the 2022 NTESEIRES Endurance Series will receive $100 Cash!

23.0 Feedback
  1. Last but certainly not least, have fun! This is a fun event put together by a very small group of people for drivers to have some fun in the virtual world. 

  2. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please submit these to the series organisers via

You can download a PDF copy of the latest Series Regulations here. 

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